Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

Moderate Trek | Himalaya | Altitude: 14500 ft

₹14990   Gangotri | Gaumukh | Tapovan

About Gaumukh Tapovan Trek

The Gaumukh Tapovan Trek, an seven-day adventure that combines myth, spirituality, and exciting adventure, takes you around the Gangotri glacier to the site where the sacred river Ganga is believed to have its mouth.

The Gangotri glacial expanse is nearly 24 km long and 6 to 8 km wide, extending from Gaumukh to the Chaukhamba massif around Badrinath. Thanks to prominent mountaineers Shipton and Tilman, we now have a trek path that covers the entirety of this historic country.

Gaumukh to Tapovan is a comparatively challenging trek. Although pilgrims often use the Gangotri-Gaumukh trail, the Gaumukh-Tapovan trail is challenging and requires previous experience. It is suitable for those who have done a few high-altitude treks, such as Roopkund, but not for beginners.

Gaumukh was given its name by the sages, and it means cow's mouth because the opening of Gaumukh resembles a cow's mouth. This site has excellent religious importance for Hindus.

Thousands of devotees visit Gaumukh every year to pray and receive Maa Ganga's blessings. Gaumukh is one of the most influential figures in Hindu mythology.

Short Itinerary

Day 1: Dehradun to Gangotri
Day 2: Gangotri (10171 ft) to Chirbassa (11680 ft)
Day 3: Chirbassa (11680 ft) to Bhojwasa (12435 ft)
Day 4: Bhojwasa (12435 ft) to Khada Pathar via Gaumukh (13452 ft) & Tapovan (14600 ft)
Day 5: Tapovan (14600 ft) –Chirbassa(11680 ft)
Day 6: Chirbasa (11680 ft ) to Gangotri / Uttarkashi (10171 ft)
Day 7: Depart for Dehradun

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Dehradun to Gangotri
To begin your journey, plan to leave Dehradun at 6 a.m. The day will be longer so you will be flying 241 kilometres to Gangotri. It will be an unforgettable 8-hour journey through the magnificent mountains. The famous hill station of Mussorie, which is just 35 kilometres from Dehradun, will be the first major attraction. From the hill station, you can see the Shivalik Ranges. You will arrive in Uttarkashi, the land of the Gods, after a short stop for lunch and some sight-seeing in Dhanulti, Chamba. Uttarkashi is situated on the Bhagirathi River's banks. All of the temples and holy people will convince you that you are really in the Land of the Gods. The Bhagirath River leads to the picturesque Harshil Village. Harshil is known for its apple orchards, which serve as a visual break from the city. Harshil is the ideal spot for a peaceful evening amidst the mountains
Day 2: Gangotri (10171 ft) to Chirbassa (11680 ft)
Begin your day with a hearty breakfast and get ready to embark on your mountain adventure. You'll be wandering through pine trees alongside the Bhagirathi River. Although there will be gradual ascents, the trek will be simple and take about 4-5 hours to complete. Your journey will be accompanied by the stunning Sudarshan Parbat (21,345 feet). You'll also come across a few lakes and waterfalls where you can replenish your water bottles. The entire walk will take place within the Gangotri National Park. At the end of the trail, you'll come across boulders from the Sudarshan peak; merely cross them to get to the campsite. This will be the most amazing campsite, with the Bhagirathi river gushing on the right and lying in between the mountains under the pine trees. Bhagirathi I, II, and III (6856, 6512, and 6454 m, respectively) share space with Manda Mountain, Bhrigu Parbat, and other peaks visible from the campsite. Lunch is an excellent way to re-energize. You can also go on an acclimatization walk to learn more about the country while relaxing by the Bhagirathi River. The tents will be your home for the night
Day 3: Chirbassa (11680 ft) to Bhojwasa (12435 ft)
Wake up to breathtaking neon views of sun rays on mountain tops, and you'll be ready to trudge again. This will be a short hike of about 2-3 hours with a slow ascent. The route widens now, allowing you to see the Bhagirathi peaks better. Some landslide areas will be easier to walk on than others. Following the trek, you will arrive at Bhojwassa, a flat area where you will be accommodated in tents. Bhopatra trees, also known as birch trees, are abundant in the area and were used to make the Bhojwasa. This is the widest part of the valley, with the best view of Mount Shivling. There are numerous igloo-style homes, as well as an ashram, a police station, and a rest house. These alternatives are available for today's stay, but they will require approval. Relax in the afternoon at the campsite after lunch, and spend a freezing night in the tents.
Day 4: Bhojwasa (12435 ft) to Khada Pathar via Gaumukh (13452 ft) & Tapovan (14600 ft)
The day has come for the most challenging and longest trek yet, so eat well, pack a snack, fill water bottles (there are no water sources along the route), carry energy bars, and prepare to be excited. The trail gets steeper and more full of rock boulders from here. The rock moraines on the glacier make the ascent difficult, but they also negate the need for technical equipment. Use a trekking pole to make the ascent easier. The final trek to Tapovan is rocky, but once you've made it through it, you'll be delighted to be in the well-known meadows, where you can see Mt. Shivling in all its glory. Sadhus from all over the world come to Tapovan to meditate. It also serves as a base camp for Mt. Shivling expeditions. It provides a better view of Mt. Shivling, which is regarded as one of the world's most holy and majestic peaks. Not to be missed are the views of Mt. Meru and the Bhagirathi peaks. Tapovan is the perfect place to unwind after a long hike. Mountain goats, like you, can be found roaming around here. After a long but memorable day, retire to your tent.
Day 5: Tapovan (14600 ft) –Chirbassa(11680 ft)
Early mornings are perfect for savouring the last few moments of the day in front of historic mountains bathed in sunlight. Mt. Shivling is more magnificent than ever, enveloping the surrounding peaks in its majesty. They all come together to make a stunning scene. It's time to bring these memories back to life after breakfast. Because there are no water sources, pack a meal and plenty of water, just as you did before. Yes, you must once again traverse the glacier's rugged terrain and moraines. You'll notice that descending is more difficult than climbing as you find your way around the boulders. Keep an eye on the actions and go slowly. Try to relive the events as you retrace your steps. Continue walking along the Bhagirathi River after descending steeply to Gomukh. It will take about 6-7 hours to walk to Chirbassa. You'll then return to the same pine trees. You'll be camping by a river, between mountains, and under pine trees, which is unsurprising...!!
Day 6: Chirbasa (11680 ft ) to Gangotri / Uttarkashi (10171 ft)
You'll recall that this is the last day of your adventure when you wake up. The trek to Gangotri is about 9 kilometres long and takes about 4-5 hours. Water bottles should be refilled at streams and waterfalls. Say your goodbyes as the sight of the Bhagirathi and other mountain tops disappears. You will be served a hot meal and supper at the guest house. Return to Dehradun and, with it, to your beautiful homes by packing your possessions.
Day 7: Depart for Dehradun
Have one last cup of morning tea in Gangotri's mighty land. Say your final goodbyes, exchange phone numbers, and reminisce with your fellow trekkers. Before boarding the cab that will take you back to Dehradun, take a nice group photo. The trip will last eight hours and will take you through mountains, valleys, and along the Bhagirathi River. Our voyage was followed by a river. You will have arrived in Dehradun by 5 p.m. and will begin your return journey as planned. Take plenty of adventure-filled memories home with you, and promise to return to the mountains in the future.

Basic Essential

- Bagpack (Main bag, preferably ruckshak
- Small bagpack (to carry water bottle & personal stuff /20-30 ltr)
- Refillable Water bottle
- Sports/Trekking shoes (comfortable in long hike/trek)
- Socks ( extra pair of woolen socks)
- Slipper/Sandals
- Original ID proof


- Thermal Inners
- Pair of light clothes, as per requirement
- Winter jackets/Woolen/Sweater
- Raincoat/poncho (In case of snow/rain )
- Winter cap/Head cover/woolen cap
- Hat/Cap to cover your head in direct sunlight
- Handkerchief - towel - napkin
- Gloves

Personal Utilities & Accessories:

- Sunglasses
- Skin Moisturizer, lipbam, Sunscreen etc.
- Personal Sanitary Items
- Camera, Power Bank, Charger, Earphone, Bluetooth speaker depending on personal need
- Personal Medication if any
- Polythene bags to store wet clothes/personal waste


- Transportation (Dehradun to Dehradun - round off) - Food: Day 1 Dinner to Day 7 Breakfast - well nutritious, healthy and vegetarian food
- Accommodation: 6 night stay in hotel and camps on sharing bases
- High quality Tents, Mattresses, and high altitude Sleeping Bags that withstand temperature as below as -15 degree
- Toilet Tents - Dry Pit Style, Kitchen Tent, Equipment & All Rations
- Cook-Helper, Support Team, Porter/Mule(for equipment)
- Guide, First Aid, Entry Fees
- Mountaineering Course Qualified Trek Leader
- Local Support Team
- Trekking Equipment: Crampons / Micro-spikes to the Trekkers, Gaiters, Ropes
- First-Aid Medical Kit and walkie talkie with the Team


- 5% GST
- Any kind of personal expenses not mentioned above
- Transport or Porters for personal belongings
- Packaged snacks or water bottle
- Emergency Cost: any cost that arise due to any unforeseen situation

Total cost:

- 14990 /- PP from Gangotri to Gangotri - 17500 /- PP from Dehradun to Dehradun


Booking Policy

• Booking shall only be confirmed once received part/full payments
• 30% advance amount while confirmation
• 70% balance amount minimum 14 days prior to trip date

Cancellation Policy

• 100% refund 28days prior to trip date exclusive of GST
• 30% cancellation charges if cancellation done between 28 to 14 days prior or Full amount can be transferred to any of our upcoming event in next 2 month, but cannot be transferred to another participant
• 70% cancellation charges if cancellation done between 14 to 7 days prior or 50% amount can be transferred to any of our upcoming event in next 2 month, but cannot be transferred to another participant
• Fees are neither refundable nor transferable if cancellation done, less than 7 days prior to event date

Precautionary Measures for Covid19

• Wearing mask or face cover and carrying personal hand sanitizer is compulsory.
• During hiking, sights scene, travelling or any activities, avoid/minimize physical touch.
• Separate transportation services will be provided or you can choose to drive on your own to the campsite/homestay or base location.
• Group transportation in bus or tempo traveler will be arranged for fix departure date without violating any government guideline.
• Necessary hygiene and precautions will be taken care at the campsite and during Activities.
• If you are feeling unwell due to fever or any medical reason, than strictly avoid travel till you feel well.

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